Mercury Free Dentistry

It is known that mercury toxicity plays an important role in creating states of ill health. We are committed to protecting our patients and staff from exposure to harmful toxins and therefore we follow strict protocols to minimize or eliminate exposure to toxins, especially mercury.

First and foremost we do not use amalgam fillings since they can contain up to 50% mercury. Second, a rubber dam (a non-latex one is available if you are allergic to latex), is used as a physical barrier between the patient and the site of amalgam removal. Third, we use Tact-Air Ion generators in our treatment rooms. This device removes mercury vapour released into the ambient air created by the removal of old amalgam fillings. We also use a powerful vacuum system to physically suck up any particulate matter, small bits of solid amalgam fillings created during the removal of the filling. In addition, we use a high efficiency Swiss IQ Air vacuum filtration system to further eliminate or reduce smaller pieces of amalgam filling material and mercury vapour. These special precautions and techniques insure that mercury exposure is reduced as much as technically possible. A nasal canula can be used to deliver medical grade air if required.

This protocol has been established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, of which we are a member. We are dedicated to using the best materials that produce strong sound restorations that are non-toxic to you and harmless to the environment.

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