It’s amazing what a shift in perspective can reveal.

See the big picture. See the fine details.
Treat your patients with total confidence.

The Competition is Nowhere in Sight

Meet Western Canada’s first Ø 17 x 13 cm scanner.

Peninsula Dental Imaging’s CBCT scanner is the first of its kind in Western Canada and just the second in the entire country.

Fully equipped with a dedicated arm for cephalometric analysis, our scanner provides imaging with unparalleled clarity, resolution, and volume.

See More, Do More

From single implants to full dentition

Bring full clarity to your treatments with complete 3D captures as voluminous as Ø 17 x 13 cm.

Maximum detail, minimum dosage

With high-resolution details beyond any x-ray machine, nothing will ever be missed or overlooked.

Perfectly focused images every time

An advanced autofocus system ensures you get consistently sharp images. No retakes needed.

A new standard for patient comfort

Leave patients feeling awed by thoughtful ergonomics and effortless scanning experience.

Workflows made for the modern practice

Built for digital dentistry, our equipment makes transferring and leveraging patient data simple.

All-in-one orthodontic imaging

Carpus images, lateral and symmetrical P.A. or A.P. - a dedicated cephalometric arm handles it all with ease.

How It Works



We determine how we can best support your patient's imaging requirements.


Flexible Payment

We bill the patient directly or coordinate payment through your office.



We welcome the patient to Peninsula Dental Imaging and perform their scheduled scan.



We process the images then transfer them to you or give them to the patient on a flash drive.



Using the high-quality imaging we've provided, you proceed to successfully treat the patient.

A Vision of Better Dentistry

Peninsula Dental Imaging is solely focused on empowering dentists across the province with the industry’s leading imaging technology.

Elevate Your Care

Treatment made simple

Plan with clarity. Treat with certainty. From endodontics to implantology, it’s innovation that enables better care.

Best-case in every case

Wider perspectives and higher resolution empower you to deliver exceptional results with unmatched consistency.

Expanded possibilities

Meet a broader range of your patients’ needs without heavy up-front investment or lengthy high-interest loans.

A reputation built on satisfaction

Establish yourself as a proven, trusted dental care provider and increase the value - and profitability - of your services.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Pre and post-arrival screening
Full PPE
Medical grade disinfection
6-stage air filtration
Contactless payment
Physical distancing

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Peninsula Dental Imaging is hosted by Peace Arch Dental

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