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Very poor shape and colour

smile 1 before smile 1 after
smile 1 before smile 1 after

This patient, DV, had badly discoloured teeth from fluorosis which produced a mottled appearance; her four front teeth had old plastic or composite fillings that were very poor in shape and colour. The treatment plan replaced the old fillings and covered all of the teeth with feldspathic porcelain. This mimics the natural depth of colour, nuances of texture and variations of white seen in natural enamel.

The result is exquisitely beautiful and completely natural looking teeth. The young lady now has a smile that radiates confidence and beauty.

Short and dark teeth

smile 2 before smile 2 after
smile 2 before smile 2 after

MM is a woman who had short, dark teeth. This had the effect of aging the patient. Her desire was to show more teeth when she smiled and to make them whiter. The solution was a combination of all porcelain crowns and veneers that were longer so that while smiling much more of the teeth were visible. The colour of the teeth, which was chosen in consultation with MM, is lighter and more natural looking.

Produced an extremely attractive and younger looking smile.

Smile Makeover

smile 3 before smile 3 after
smile 3 before smile 3 after

RP was unhappy with his smile. The extent of breakdown of his existing teeth made him reluctant to smile. As his wish was to be able to smile again, a complete make over was needed which involved reconstruction of all teeth. A new stronger more stable occlusion was established using all ceramic crowns and veneers producing a beautiful smile which is long lasting and very attractive.

RP now smiles with confidence and pride.

Crowns and unsightly dark lines at the gum line

smile 4 before smile 4 after

This patient, DS, had old crowns on the two front teeth that had unsightly dark lines at the gum line. As well the canine or cuspid teeth were overly prominent . This was corrected by replacing the old crowns with all porcelain crowns and veneers.

A beautiful smile resulted.

An asymmetrical smile, crooked and discoloured teeth

smile 2 before smile 2 after
smile 5 before smile 5 after

This patient, SF, had an asymmetrical smile, crooked and discoloured teeth. The old poorly shaped crowns were replaced with veneers and crowns that were symmetrical in form and colour. Gum surgery improved the relationship between teeth and gums.

The result is a gorgeous smile, which reflects the beautiful spirit of the patient.

Teeth were dark and discoloured, yellow fillings, small cracks and chips

smile 6 before smile 6 after

This patient, MY, thought her smile was unattractive because her teeth were dark and discoloured, with old yellow fillings, small cracks and chips. Her smile was greatly improved using veneers to change the shape, improve the alignment, strengthen the teeth weakened by the large fillings and make the colour lighter using a type of porcelain that mimics natural enamel.

Her smile was greatly improved

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